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Asteroid Grand Challenge

Credly member since January 2015

About Us

The Asteroid Grand Challenge is focused on finding all asteroid threats to human populations and knowing what to do about them. Estimates suggest less than 10% of objects smaller than 300 meters in diameter and less than 1% of objects smaller than 100 meters in diameter have been discovered, and it will take a global effort with innovative solutions to accelerate the completion of the survey of potentially hazardous asteroids.  The Asteroid Grand Challenge is a large-scale effort that will use multi-disciplinary collaborations and a variety of partnerships with other government agencies, international partners, industry, academia, and citizen scientists to detect, track, characterize, and create mitigation strategies for potentially hazardous asteroids.  This work is performed in association with Credly LLC. at no additional cost under NASA Contract #FURTHER11110865 in support of Task IV