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Credly is the end-to-end solution for creating, issuing and managing digital credentials.

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Join the Digital Credential Revolution

Thousands of leading organizations use Credly to recognize achievement, engage stakeholders, and empower learning.


Save Time & Money

Save tens of thousands of dollars on printing, postage, and labor costs by going digital with paper certificates.

Retain & Engage

Lower arbitrary attrition rates by 31% by integrating skill recognition into your programs.

Increase Traffic

Increase web traffic to your programs by as much as 15 times by issuing digital credentials.

Get Discovered

Individuals with digital credentials get viewed six times more than those without.

Generate Actionable Data

A digital credential provides 30 times the data on average compared with a traditional paper certificate.

Fight Fraud

Protect against the 64% of resume fraud cases that results from misreporting of achievements.

Life Cycle of a


Define the paramaters of your ditigal credential program by identifying what demonstrated skills to recognize.


Issuing the credential to an individual in recognition for their achievement, delighting said earner.


Analyzing trends in the data generated through the issuing, earning and use of the credentials.


Empowering the individual who has earned the credential to seek out opportunities like getting a job or earning a membership.

What is a Digital Credential?

Digital credentials enable the data-rich recognition, communication, and tracking of achievement. Organizations use Credly to issue portable and secure credentials that empower earners, make outcomes and skills more transparent, and gain actionable data and insights about how and where those credentials are being used.


Credentials travel with the earner and can be sent, posted and put to use wherever opportunities await.

Data Rich

Description, required criteria, evidence, endorsements and more, all viewable in the credential itself.


Credential issuer’s brand is front and center; achievement level and rigor readily displayed; a new channel for communication with stakeholders.


Issued directly from the organization to the individuals and secured against tampering or fraud.

Why Credly?

A member of the Open Badges community since its inception, Credly has helped pioneer the Digital Credential movement, integrating with hundreds of applications and working with thousands of issuers to issue millions of credentials.

Partner Integrations

Credly is integrated into hundreds of applications, sites and systems, making credentials earnable and usable wherever opportunities await.


World-Class Team

Credly is laser focused on building the best digital credential platform and has assembled the best and brightest to make it happen.



Credly’s Enterprise-class system puts your brand first, maximizing engagement and enabling outreach.


Supercharged for Enterprise

Credly is the only platform to offer a fully white-labeled environment for issuing and managing enterprise digital credentials, ensuring the look, feel and brand of your organization remains front-and-center.


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