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Display and Manage Credentials on Facebook

Facebook App for Digital Badges by CredlyDisplay earned and issued credit in a special section of your Facebook profile. Auto-share badges from categories or issuers, or send all badges to Facebook as they're earned. Using the Credly Facebook app you can:

  • • Enable Credly area on Facebook Profile
  • • Showcase recent credentials earned or issued on Facebook
  • • Login using Facebook
  • • Import Facebook friends to your Credly contacts
  • • Post select badges to your Facebook timeline
  • • Set AutoShare settings to share badges on Facebook as you earn or give them
  • • Trust issuers for automatic acceptance of credit
  • • Automatically share all badges or badges from select issuers or categories
  • • Share badges to Facebook from the Credly iOS mobile app

Credly area on Facebook Profile.

Facebook Auto-share Settings on Credly.

Adjust which badges to automatically share on Facebook.

Share individual badges on Facebook.

Learn more and enable the Facebook app. Visit your Credly "Account Settings" to link your Facebook account to your Credly profile.