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Issue and Manage Digital Credentials with Salesforce

Salesforce App for Digital Badges by CredlyThe Credly for Salesforce app turns the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform into a powerful tool for easily issuing and managing digital badges and credentials.

Certify and reward achievement with official digital badges and credentials that give your customers, members, leads, or team an easy way to showcase a verified record of their accomplishments on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

  • • Easily create digital badges in Salesforce
  • • Issue digital badges to leads, contacts or accounts
  • • Create automatic rules that trigger the issuing of digital badges when criteria is met

Add powerful digital credential and badge features to your Salesforce account.

  • • Digital badges are personalized and officially verified by your organization
  • • Track and analyze where people share Salesforce-issued badges through detailed Credly Reports
  • • Badges shared on social media and professional networks redirect to your website, helping attract new leads, customers, or program participants while putting the credibility of your brand behind each badge
  • • Individuals earn digital badges the moment the data in their Salesforce record matches the criteria you set for any achievement
  • • Credly badges are compatible with the "Open Badge" standard

Everything syncs seamlessly with your Credly account. Run reports to see who earned each credential, and review Salesforce records for a complete history of the badges each person has earned. All you need is a Salesforce account and a Credly Pro account.

Use the Credly for Salesforce app to Issue any Credly badge to leads, contacts or organizations -- either individually or to entire groups of recipients at once. All of your Credly badges are available for issuing from inside Salesforce, and new bagdes you create in Salesforce are synced with your Credly account.

Issue digital badges directly from Salesforce:
Issue digital badges directly from Salesforce

Easily create digital badges within Salesforce:
Easily create digital badges within Salesforce

Issue badges to one or more recipients:
Issue badges to one or more recipients

Issue badges automatically when criteria are met:
Issue digital badges directly from Salesforce

Credly & Salesforce reports track issued badges:
Credly & Salesforce reports track issued badges

Credly and Salesforce badges automatically sync:
Credly and Salesforce badges automatically sync

Use the 'Credly for Salesforce' app to:

  • • recognize skills, milestones, or achievements
  • • certify training, seminar, or workshop attendance or completion
  • • verify product expertise, new titles and roles, or promotions
  • • validate membership or alumni status
  • • honor customers or members of your community
  • • empower those who participate in your programs to market their involvement
  • • officially acknowledge or reward those who progress to new roles
  • • appreciate those who donate, give or volunteer
  • • issue, manage and track credentials, certifications or other official designations or achievements
  • • … and so much more!

See the official press release.

The Salesforce App is now available on the Salesforce App Exchange as a benefit to Credly Pro members.