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Open Badges in All Directions

We've added a new option to Credly to allow you to display badges on your Credly profile that you may have earned elsewhere.

From Day 1, badges issued and earned on Credly have been Mozilla Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) compliant. The OBI is an emerging metadata specification for digital badges, and we're proud that the Credly team was among the very first to embrace and promote the specification in 2011, well before a v1 of the spec was released.


In fact, since that time, we've facilitated the issuance of OBI-compatible badges across thousands of sites, apps and platforms. And that number is growing quickly.

People and organizations should be able to easily manage, share and celebrate credit earned for achievement that takes place anywhere, and supporting a standard way for representations of achievement to travel with earners helps achieve that goal.

Every Credly member has always had the ability to share their badges in meaningful ways through a range of uniquely executed sharing options, such as: the nifty Facebook app), Twitter badges, LinkedIn, easy embed code, through the Credly mobile app featuring Badge ID cards and social options, and more. And members can also send badges earned through Credly to the Mozilla Open Badge Backpack. One of the most popular sharing options on Credly is Auto Share, which automates the sending of badges to each of these channels with numerous options for deciding what gets sent where.

Import Open Badges

We’ve “closed the loop” with Mozilla’s reference implementation of the Open Badge Backpack: Credly members can now display Backpack badges directly in their Credly profile.


Do you have a badge sitting in your Mozilla Backpack that you’d like to share on your Credly profile where you are already curating open badges from many other sources? No problem. Just link your Credly and Mozilla accounts, and use the “Import Open Badges” menu option. You’ve now got one place where all your digital badges, credentials and achievements can be made visible.

Additional info on Importing Open Badges is available in the Credly knowledgebase.

There’s a whole lot more innovation coming your way from Credly in the near future. So stay tuned!


Posted on Oct 02, 2013