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Upcoming Webinar: Digital Badges & Enhancing Employment Potential

Free, live webinar, hosted by Credly & UPCEA. August 29th at 11am ET.

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Upcoming Webinar: Digital Badges & 2-Year Colleges: Serving the Community

Free, live webinar on 7/25/18 - Digital Badges & 2-Year Colleges: Serving the Community

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Resources: Digital Badging in Higher Education

How to start and measure the success of a digital credentialing program in a higher education institution

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Resources: Connecting Faculty to Digital Credentials

Faculty development and digital credentials.

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Resources: Credly Strategist Shares Secrets to Workforce Credentials

In this free webinar, "Credly Strategist Shares Secrets to Workforce Credentials," learn how digital credentials are being used to...

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Resources: Digital Badges: The Proof that Communicates Skills

Digital badges are a great way to communicate the skills and competencies that learners attain regardless of where they are in the...

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Resources: Aligning Employers and Institutions with Digital Credentials

Innovative higher education institutions are partnering with employers to ensure learners have the skills - and, just as important...

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